More About Me

Hello worldzy my name its Tristan Aka Ptolome and im born and raise in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have a very unique style of music based upon my life journey if i can say "spiritual". I did alot of traveling and it made me discover myself more and it helped me evolve whit my music by having a different vision of the world, giving me the hability to create more artistically.

I always been into music since i was born music was everywhere around me.  I use to play alot whit tam tam as a kid and i use to really love to build drum set whit my moms kitchen stuff as far as remember. Around 11 years old i got introduce to a music software by one of my cousin. He showed me how to use it because he wasn't able to make a beat whit it and let me tried and i manage to make a beat and we where both really shocked of what i have made and i ask him if he can put the beat on my mp3. Going back home later i felt something about it but i never touched the software again. Later on in my life around 2011, the year that the trap scene was going big i started to listen to 808 mafia and was wondering how they where making those beats whit the crazy bass and looked on internet and found out that it was the same software that my cousin show me years before and this is how i started.

Ever since then i never let it go and i was always making beats. Last summer (2019) i was going trough some hard times and i started to sing and i recorded my first album Out of space traveler (the first one of the series ).  The same summer later on i went to New York to meet whit Producer Grind team and they had Sonny digital, Superstar 0 and Jetson madeit coming to the event it was a private studio session and i had the wonderful chance to met them and i played a few of my beats, had some good feedback and positive criticism  and i touhgt after that that i should continue to make beats and sing. Later on i went to more events i did coast to coast live in Toronto i had good feedback back from them as well but i dint make it in the top 3 to compete for the Miami 50 000$ grand prize but i was really happy of what i have accomplish. From there i went to Atlanta to make beats in the soul Assylum studio, met whit Trey the sound engineer (Amazing person) he showed me some tricks and we vybed for a while. After all this i have made numerous album and now its my 5th one its called Out of Space Traveler 5. Hope you'll enjoy my work Thank you for your support and for your time to read my bio. This is my little story :).